Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Episode IV A New Canvas

The business cards got delivered today and I was in two minds about it all. I was thrilled ofcourse that they had arrived in time for the Degree Show this upcoming Friday, however, I might of underestimated some of the contrasting tones. It is very hard to make out my email address and Vimeo username due to the dark appearance from the background model.

Oh well... lesson learnt. It was my first batch so I feel pretty cool about any mistakes!

BUT for now... I have been getting on with other projects and the current one I'm going to keep track of is my next painting. I do these in my spare time, as a sort of hobbie - acrylic on canvas - and hopefully I will be able to sell some if any tickle the fancy of others?!!

The photo I'm working from was taken north of Leek at a rocky outcrop called The Roaches. Me and some friends have been climbing about this place loads of times and finding caves, cliffs and ravines that just look like something from Lord of the Rings. So hopefully my painting (which I have only literally started today) will soon start to take more shape!

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