Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Puppet Making

The planning for this project is well under way. We have met up frequently as a group and seem to already be knee deep in work. I have been assigned the task of designing the puppet armature for the main character. This is the man who discovers the money tree (see May Jay's Production Blog for details).

Layout of armature joints. These are matched up to the dimenions of the character

I have been given another assignment on top of the two animation projects I already have to complete. I feel like an insane freelance junkie; but a very privilaged one as the third project is a 57 second sequence for Barry Purves, one of UK's most prestigious stop motion animators.

I need to just get through the puppet making aspect (including sets and props) and start animating! As a stocking filler for christmas I was lucky enough to recieve a Stig 12 inch poseable figure. Upon closer inspection it was not the case. It was simply a novelty bubble bath bottle...

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Animation Strikes Back

Yes it has now hit us... how major this final stage of the course is. Luckily our group now consists of four co-directors and will prove to be very advantagous throughout this project. May Jay, Alex Young and Jon Colenzo are all in this with me and we hope to thrash out a top notch animation piece.

We met up this week to discuss the plan and begin to get some designs down. I have been in the process of constructing various props and set interiors anyway (as I have a side project that needs some attention to also) and below there are a few photos of what I've been getting on with.

How my desk will look throughout the next few weeks

Designing outfits for the main character

I bought a cheap toy car, sprayed it blue and will add detail.
This will be a prop for one of my short animations involved
with the external brief

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Well it's been a while since my last post, and rightly so I thought due to the holidays and getting all festively plump. However, it is the final hurdle now... the mammoth of projects to see us finish this course in style. I have already had a number of ideas for this final major project but it looks like a few of us are going to join forces and create something a bit special.

My animation colleague May Jay (who is the originator of the resistance) has started up a production Blog and will show the progess of our combined efforts. Obviously it is in the very early stages right now but still take time to check it out if you can via the link below

The Money Tree

As for me, I am going to start designing characters, making sets and constructing a foam latex 'human' puppet (no chicken fowl ups this time) and get prepared for some side projects and really make the most of these final animating months.