Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Working with Barry Purves

This week was the development of our ideas for the animation sequence and body part/area we were assigned to. Mine being 'puberty' involved alot of growth around the body, mostly intoducing the idea of hair growing ever so slowly to match the music. The instrument I have been partnered with is the oboe and for its part gives a very smooth gentle flow with many climaxes and falls within the piece.

This is a test animation for the basic growth of a pubic hair. It still is probably too fast in corellation to the music but still was good to get some practice in with the oboe sound track.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday, Motivation and Major projects

It's been a while since my last entry, where upon many strange dreams have taken place. All very colourful and epic; I think I have a dinosaur issue though.

Anyhow, the project is moving swiftly on. Last week the plaster moulds were successfuly made and now ready for the foam latex stage. I have also finished construction on the armature and it fits well into the mould. Fingers crossed for this week now.

The plasticine model of the puppet was also salvageable and I ahve given it to Lynda Barnes who is working on the clothes for my puppet. We both looked at styles and colours that fitted with the Money Tree storyline and I am now waiting for some samples from Lynda to show me.

Word of warning... threadlock is flourescent green and bloody sticky