Sunday, 12 June 2011

25 things about yours trully...oh and Spock

I feel that I should tell you guys a little bit more about myself... I did this survey thing on facebook where you literally list 25 random things about yourself and let the world know about your strange habits and see whether they would still accept you into society. I may regret this...

1. I have an obsession with Star Wars, so much so that I just keep buying toy figures, use the 'force' to open automatic doors and go clubbing in a jedi robe.
2. I fucking hate spiders
3. I can be a lazy artist. It sometimes takes alot to motivate me because I can get distracted very easily, however, I am a perfectionist especially with my canvas paintings
4. I always put loo roll in the toilet before a poo, so it doesn't splash back up my bum!!!
5. One of my most favourite moments was sitting on the Great Wall of China - was the quietest places I have ever been. I sat and ate a sandwich.
6. My car is called the Rebel Scum; it has graffiti all over it, the Rebel logo on the bonnet and only starts when I hit it with a hammer (she doesn't look like much but she's got it where it counts)
7. I once blew up a pumpkin on stage in a school assembly
8. When I was younger I used to always dress appropriately incase the world would end... e.g. by wearing boots and having a back pack filled with food, rope and a compass
9. I love gazing up at the stars
10. I was named after my mums old cat Thomas
11. I have a problem that whenever I look at the time it's 21:21
12. I love going on walks through forests and climbing mountains and just imagining that nothing else is going on in the world
13. I used to be in a band called 'Captain Jack and the Buccaneers' (yes we were a pirate band)
14. I used to go to cookery class every saturday morning with my friend Ryan, which was pretty embarrassing because we were the only boys (the other lads were normal and played rugby)
15. I once ate a worm to get into the cool club at school
16. I own a pair of bowling shoes
17. When I was in Zante on holiday with my friends, we all got drunk and were walking from bar to bar. I was sick all down my top in the middle of the I poured my bottle of beer down my shirt to get rid of the sick so I could get into the club (I'll do anything to be allowed dance)
18. I don't like doing the washing up with long fingernails because I don't like the feel of the towel on them
19. I hate licking the wooden stick of an ice lolly
20. Best feeling was skydiving 15,000 ft
21. I love making random films and editing together comedy sketches. Check out my youtube page and you'll see!!!
22. I fancy Jessica Rabbit and Michaela Strachan from The Really Wild Show
23. I've always wanted to go to Zanzibar because Gonzo said it on Muppet Treasure Island
24. I like rum and smoking cigars
25. My first masturbation was whilst doing my paper round, in someones front porch to the Suns page 3

Please don't judge... I'm just being friendly!

Oh and here's how the Porn Stash turned out, starring Leonard Nemoy as the Father

There is a version with an extended scene. I do, however, deem it a little too explicit for a blog update and will only show various people on demand. I will also take this opportunity to remind people that this idea was not all me. My animated mind is not always a thing of filth!

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