Thursday, 30 June 2011

Episode V The Projects Strike Back

Yes... so it's time to return to the drawing board and crack on with some more projects. The most recent one being a 'creature comforts' style animation for the radio station here in Stoke-on-Trent, Signal Radio, who are setting up a charity to save the local Zoo "Blackbrook". They had recorded interviews with the 'animals' which include a penguin, peacock, stork and a zebra. I was very pleased to take control of the zebra although it was a quick decision from us all (the group behind the Money Tree film) and we have no begun the production stages of making puppets and sets once again.

I really do like to keep busy, and this new project has definately kept me on my toes and will be great practice so as to maintain skills and the mental attitude to freelance work. After getting my final results I have had a few days of doing just nothing (which I felt I quite deserved with a First Class Honours!!) but now it's back into the animating zone.

These will eventually be the fence for the Zebras enclosure - just needs a lick of paint

I really haven't done much with the Zebra itself yet. Just concentrating on getting the shape of the head right. The front of the animals 'snout' will have magnetic mouth pieces to replace for various lip movements when talking.

 I have also been keeping busy with the painting. The canvas has slowly taken shape into the rest of sky but needs some more detail. But I also found a few old videos from College and the end of High School - these were part of a 'Year Video' I filmed and edited for the students. Essentially it was a huge group effort as I filmed everyone in and out of the school in the form of interviews, funny sketches, parties or just general school life. A year book that moves... that's how I saw it anyway. So here's the trailer below (which I showed at the last 6th Form assembly and it seem to go down rather well!)...enjoy

I will keep posting up these random videos because I enjoy watching them as much (I hope) as you do because I literally have lost track with the amount I have made so it still baffles me when I stumble across one - and just think perhaps the world needs to see it!

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Degree Show

The finale of the year has now been and gone with the success of the Degree Show. This took place last week after the opening show with talks from the faculty and the prestigious Barry Purves. After the speeches everyone looked around the show and took full advantage of the free wine and beer. These were located in to prime areas... photography and graphics.

So the show continued with many guests and family members arriving to see the work put up. The Money Tree Project was put on display in the centre of the animation room. We had to disassemble from the studio and remake sections as we put it back together on a couple of tables.

We managed to recreate the lighting effect similar to that from the studio

I was lucky enough to get involved with the show all week and help out by taking school children around as part of a tour through each department. It gave me a chance to see peoples work more closely and talk to the students behind it all.

We also included models made from other projects. It was all to promote the Stop Motion and Puppet making course.

The last few who managed to survive the three years of University on our course.

When the week had finished we had some really good feedback from the kids and teachers, but also from members of the public. There will be a winner for the best presented room and we perhaps have hinted to the kids that the animation room should be their favourite. We weren't biased at all though, ofcourse! I didn't mind too much, I got paid a handsome £150 for working the week.... bring on the new camera!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

25 things about yours trully...oh and Spock

I feel that I should tell you guys a little bit more about myself... I did this survey thing on facebook where you literally list 25 random things about yourself and let the world know about your strange habits and see whether they would still accept you into society. I may regret this...

1. I have an obsession with Star Wars, so much so that I just keep buying toy figures, use the 'force' to open automatic doors and go clubbing in a jedi robe.
2. I fucking hate spiders
3. I can be a lazy artist. It sometimes takes alot to motivate me because I can get distracted very easily, however, I am a perfectionist especially with my canvas paintings
4. I always put loo roll in the toilet before a poo, so it doesn't splash back up my bum!!!
5. One of my most favourite moments was sitting on the Great Wall of China - was the quietest places I have ever been. I sat and ate a sandwich.
6. My car is called the Rebel Scum; it has graffiti all over it, the Rebel logo on the bonnet and only starts when I hit it with a hammer (she doesn't look like much but she's got it where it counts)
7. I once blew up a pumpkin on stage in a school assembly
8. When I was younger I used to always dress appropriately incase the world would end... e.g. by wearing boots and having a back pack filled with food, rope and a compass
9. I love gazing up at the stars
10. I was named after my mums old cat Thomas
11. I have a problem that whenever I look at the time it's 21:21
12. I love going on walks through forests and climbing mountains and just imagining that nothing else is going on in the world
13. I used to be in a band called 'Captain Jack and the Buccaneers' (yes we were a pirate band)
14. I used to go to cookery class every saturday morning with my friend Ryan, which was pretty embarrassing because we were the only boys (the other lads were normal and played rugby)
15. I once ate a worm to get into the cool club at school
16. I own a pair of bowling shoes
17. When I was in Zante on holiday with my friends, we all got drunk and were walking from bar to bar. I was sick all down my top in the middle of the I poured my bottle of beer down my shirt to get rid of the sick so I could get into the club (I'll do anything to be allowed dance)
18. I don't like doing the washing up with long fingernails because I don't like the feel of the towel on them
19. I hate licking the wooden stick of an ice lolly
20. Best feeling was skydiving 15,000 ft
21. I love making random films and editing together comedy sketches. Check out my youtube page and you'll see!!!
22. I fancy Jessica Rabbit and Michaela Strachan from The Really Wild Show
23. I've always wanted to go to Zanzibar because Gonzo said it on Muppet Treasure Island
24. I like rum and smoking cigars
25. My first masturbation was whilst doing my paper round, in someones front porch to the Suns page 3

Please don't judge... I'm just being friendly!

Oh and here's how the Porn Stash turned out, starring Leonard Nemoy as the Father

There is a version with an extended scene. I do, however, deem it a little too explicit for a blog update and will only show various people on demand. I will also take this opportunity to remind people that this idea was not all me. My animated mind is not always a thing of filth!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Episode IV A New Canvas

The business cards got delivered today and I was in two minds about it all. I was thrilled ofcourse that they had arrived in time for the Degree Show this upcoming Friday, however, I might of underestimated some of the contrasting tones. It is very hard to make out my email address and Vimeo username due to the dark appearance from the background model.

Oh well... lesson learnt. It was my first batch so I feel pretty cool about any mistakes!

BUT for now... I have been getting on with other projects and the current one I'm going to keep track of is my next painting. I do these in my spare time, as a sort of hobbie - acrylic on canvas - and hopefully I will be able to sell some if any tickle the fancy of others?!!

The photo I'm working from was taken north of Leek at a rocky outcrop called The Roaches. Me and some friends have been climbing about this place loads of times and finding caves, cliffs and ravines that just look like something from Lord of the Rings. So hopefully my painting (which I have only literally started today) will soon start to take more shape!