Friday, 27 November 2015

Episode VI

Something to start us off with...

Although I never went to any of the Manchester Animation Festival (hashtagMAF), I still place myself in a position to say that it was an utter success (hashtagFreeloader). I really should have booked a couple of days off from work as the whole thing sounded tremendous but, alas, I did not. Perhaps it was just another event that passed me by; I hate that. I seem to be doing it more often, which is possibly why I feel so distant from animation, regardless of working alongside it on a daily basis. What I mean (to save confusion) is that I haven't animated for well over two years and I'm not happy about that one bit. 

Needless to say, after meeting up with my old University tutors Laura Weston and Daryl Marsh, amongst many more animation folk, it sounds like this newly titled animation festival will most definitely be an annual event. And when surrounded by such prestigiousness (ha! it's actually a word. I thought I'd get a squiggly line underneath!) you can become very much inspired. 

I also met Joanna Quinn! But embarrassingly had no idea it was her. And crumbs was I embarrassed, because I casually sat by and allowed my job history to be told, courtesy of the ever obliging Laura Weston. For those who don't know, need reminding or revel in my regaling of such times... I used to work at Princethorpe College as a dinnerlady-man. 


But hey, it eventually led me to this point. And I like to think of the experience as an absolute positive. How else would my model making skills 'cater' for all... *huge proud grin*

Something tremendous happened in the Clangers household; they won the 'pre-school animation BAFTA' award. The Clangers studio is wall to wall against our Scream Street studio, so you can only imagine the raucous and lashings of champagne (one professional glass each, of course) that carried throughout the day. And deservedly so! The BAFTA trophy was also brought to the forefront of the celebrations...

Hey! I worked for three months on
this production. Little bit of credit
where little bit of credit's due!

Scream Street is currently running on Wednesdays at 5pm on CBBC. Alternatively, if you're a modern day technological braggart you can catch up on iplayer with the most recent episode Zoo of the Weird. I haven't actually watched this one, but I've heard that it's the best one yet. Hmm I thought I heard that last week. 

There are usually about five to six members of the art department working on Scream Street at any one time (freelancing in and out; as is our adventurous trade) and each one of us has our own personal projects. This is obviously not in the midst of working hours, but during lunch or if we arrive outrageously early.
     For example, Lorna has been building a Boba Fett outfit for her chap, Rachel is working on a BMO, from Adventure Time, sculpt for her boyfriend (of which I'm pretty sure is a surprise, so don't read this if you're currently dating Rachel Crook) and my good man Josh is constructing a wooden X-Wing starfighter for a gerbil cage. How's that hey? And as for me...

...I am going back to the days of Airfix and those glorious cast models of all your favourite flying things. Besides, I couldn't possibly resist the Millenium Falcon now could I?

Oh good grief, did I have an outrageously busy October? Yes, yes I did. And it took me from Manchester to London and all the way to bloomin' Budapest. But I shan't talk about the latter as it was a messy messy stag do (hashtagLADSONTOUR). I worked for two weeks down at Elstree Studios, north London, with the art director I met on Newzoids. This was a terrific experience as it was for a live action childrens tv show Gory Games, a spin off from the popular show Horrible Histories. So I was part of the art department, working very long hours, making props and prizes, designing logos and graphics and most importantly learning how to make gunge!

I couldn't help myself. Elstree Studios is sacred land.

A pencil drawing of my cousin for his 21st birthday. 

And finally (this may well be a running theme; the ol' two cents of Tommy Grainger) I shall leave you with a masterpiece in stop motion... Head Over Heels by Timothy Reckart.