Saturday, 27 July 2013

Episode V (and a half) E4 esting

So after three nights of animating (due to no efficient method of blocking out natural light I chose to animate after nightfall for consistency; much like the Dark Knight of animation) and one outrageous nudge of the camera, taking me over twenty minutes to correct, I have finished the E4 esting animation clip. For something that is only ten seconds long it sure was a taxing process, but I am blaming the overly warm conditions of my room (being in the attic) as it seems to accommodate its own micro climate. 

For those of you who are unsure what an 'esting' is then follow the link HERE to see a series of short animated clips that make up that odd vacuum between advert and programme. 

I must admit that I was not overly happy with the green screen element. The chromo key wasn't as crisp as I had hoped but that would be down to the lighting of the green screen background (which I don't think was consistent). I really need to get myself some dedolights and realise that bed side lamps just don't cut it any more.

Anyway... here is the animation. Enjoy!


  1. I have to say though, in my opinion, what you've said in the last paragraph isn't entirely noticeable. I mean I can tell that the guitar player is not in the same plane as the cloud passing by and the guitar player may be in front of a green screen.

    But, all in all, I could see it as a commercial because it reminds me of some I've seen and can see it on E4. I think the lighting helps that.

    So is esting spec work or you're commissioned to do so?

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  3. It's one thing I've learned with animating; you always notice your mistakes regardless of how small. However, I guess you could say that for all artists and their work. But you're right, it's not entirely noticeable (thanks!).

    This was just a project I worked on in my spare time. Someone suggested it to me and I thought, hey why not?! Thanks for the comment, are you involved with animation as well?

  4. Definitely agree about noticing mistakes regardless how small. But, when you step back and look you don't notice it so much.

    Haven't moved on to animations just yet. Right now I'm learning how to make props and learn more about stop motion animation. It's how I found your blog.

    You can find the props/miniatures I've done so far at my blog: here