Thursday, 12 April 2012

Episode VI

George the Knight episode one is on the brink of achievement. It is only a short animation but will hopefully capture the style and attitude of the character so that you guys can empathise with him. It is worth mentioning at this point that George is rather a bitter chap, true at heart but also lazy in nature. He really doesn't like the fact that I have to animate him, and that he cannot move by his own accord. And this is the reality of being a stop motion animator; when the puppets do not cooperate it can jeopardise the entire production.

Luckily for me, George held together until the very end (apart from one hand snapping from the wire 'wrist'; one of the most annoying re-occurrence in animating history). I have released a promotional poster of George the Knight  which is just something to set the mood before I upload the final film. As soon as my camera has recharged I can complete this last sequence and thus give George his pilot episode. 

Coming soon to a stage near you...

So the idea of this animation is to generate some constructive feedback and also to motivate inspiration for future episodes. I am still on trial runs of the Dragonframe software but should be able to afford the actual package now. I just need to be wise in where I locate said package (could I still pass off as a student?). Because it is bloody expensive. And I know people tell me to download it or torrent it but for some reason I can never put my trust in to that. Especially for something as important to me as a stop motion package.

Call me old fashioned, but I would rather save up and purchase something that is 100% legitimate and includes every function and aspect. There will be somebody out there screaming bloody murder to such a conformist approach to media investment. 

But the use I would get out of the Dragonframe software would be phenomenal. And that would, of course, complete my journey towards the confined side of society. I may even start calling my room 'the cooler'.

I am in the midst of editing this animation and will take this opportunity to share a couple of links to some fantastic free sound effects. The first one is a list of general SFX panning over a basic (albeit useful) spectrum: FREE SOUND EFFECTS. The second link is no doubt the best collection of Star Wars sound effects (sorry, Skywalker sound) ever to be assembled: STAR WARS SOUNDBOARD. It even allows you to mix your own quotes and sounds over two tracks, giving you the option of generating one hell of an anachronistic conversation. For example, Lando Calrission suddenly exclaims, 'this deal is getting worse all the time'. Qui-Gon Jinn looks at him and says, 'I don't sense anything.' Meanwhile the beautiful sounds of the Mos Eisley Cantina wallow in the background. 

There was supposed to be more content within this video blog but the software conversion website (WMV to MOV) I normally use was deemed unworthy and I had to re-shoot a couple of shorter videos. This is one of them (the other involves me talking about a pair of plastic horses, which is just ridiculous).

And finally, two more images of ongoing projects. The Wolverine painting you are already familiar with (mark the progress) but the second image shall be on your head to guess what it is I am sculpting. What could it possibly be? Some may guess because I told them I was going through a teenage phase. And if you are still stumped after that tremendous clue then I will fight you, that's no lie.

Hugh Jackman or Jack Hughman?
Clue #2 ...  Bō staff


  1. Thank you sir! I thought I would go back to basics and create a very simple wire puppet. Heck, even the head is just a polystyrene ball!