Monday, 2 April 2012

Episode V ... Animation video blog

So I'm going to try out a couple of videos to spice up these blogs (which essentially means I am getting far too lazy to type). But it also means I can make them in quick succession, even if there is little to report on. At the moment I am directing all my power back to animating, therefore, I ought to show samples of any that I have done. I have decided against this; if I use the next few days to bosh out 30 more seconds of animation then I deem the first episode finished and then you may see it in full. For now, check this little video out...

So aside from whatever it is I am talking about, you get the general idea of what my 'home studio' looks like. I think I have made it sound much more professional than what it actually is (especially when attempting to impress a lady). In fact, my insane devotion to staying in my room and working has become a social problemo. So much so that I may have forgotten how to woo a girl and even found this very arousing when I went to the post office one morning...

She would definitely make my day

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