Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Animation Strikes Back

Yes it has now hit us... how major this final stage of the course is. Luckily our group now consists of four co-directors and will prove to be very advantagous throughout this project. May Jay, Alex Young and Jon Colenzo are all in this with me and we hope to thrash out a top notch animation piece.

We met up this week to discuss the plan and begin to get some designs down. I have been in the process of constructing various props and set interiors anyway (as I have a side project that needs some attention to also) and below there are a few photos of what I've been getting on with.

How my desk will look throughout the next few weeks

Designing outfits for the main character

I bought a cheap toy car, sprayed it blue and will add detail.
This will be a prop for one of my short animations involved
with the external brief

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