Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Bristol Encounters Festival

Essentially this Blog was to write down things that I found interesting and helpful throughout my time as a student. I am studying Stop Motion and Puppet Making at Staffordshire University where I am currently in the third year, and let me tell you... it really is a whole new level now.

But I am not here to talk about work (not yet anyway) for I am still fresh from the Encounters Festival I attended last week in Bristol. It really was a fantastic experience for me and it's because of this experience that has led me to create this Blog. I learned alot over the four days about taking the next step and life in the industry. Brushing shoulders with the likes of Peter Lord, David Sproxton and even Andy Serkis can, without a doubt, really inspire anyone.

Me and my friend Ashley Lightfoot managed to fill three entire days with seminars, screenings, talks and even a filmmakers brunch. We spoke to fellow animators, peers, television producers, editors, web designers, company directors and really got a feel for the animation and film industry. The social networking for festivals like this are amazing and I highly recommend it. To sip rum with Peter Lord as he casually chats about CVs is something that I won't forget. Our tutors also managed to contact a couple of the lads who graduated from Staffordshire University and gone on to work for Aardman... so this led to a curry night and much merriment with drinks.

Sam Edwards, myself, Peter Lord and Ashley Lightfoot

The brunch we attended gave us the opportunity to talk to people directly within the industry and I thought that helped me alot with what I need to do in the near future. Like I said earlier, this Blog was made purely because of the Encounters Festival and it was one of the key aspects mentioned by all these big names; to get connected and keep talking. I managed to leave the brunch with business cards, email addresses and websites to check out, all given to me by enthusuastic and incredibly nice people from various television studios.

So today is sunday... a new start to the final year of my course. I have compiled one hell of a list of 'must do's' and it will trully keep me busy for the next year. I am going to re-edit some of my animations and enter them in to competitions, create a Twitter account and make some groovy little business cards. Day of rest? My arse!

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