Monday, 6 February 2012

I recall a promise I made to you folks, or perhaps more of an incentive, so that you might keep reading my blog posts. I  was originally going to begin each post with a description of the dream I had the night before. Or a culmination of dream state highlights. It was also seen as a source of story telling fodder because my dreams are so fucked up and imaginative that some sort of tale could be taken from it.

For example: the opening scene (or creature) from my dream last night.

Spider moth (biggus-dickus-arachniphobus)

I mean, COME ON!!! Look at the size of this thing! This was flying towards my face at a frightful pace. So much so that when it reached impact I awoke in one of those 'jumping' fits as if I had fallen from a great height. And I hate spiders. So, of course, it took a considerable amount of bravery on my behalf to turn the light off again. 

I don't even have the heart to divulge into the rest of the dream. It involves too much from my past (all relationshippy and weird) and strange black squirrel creatures climbing my leg and gnawing at my clothes.

So here is a quick video to change the mood...

Craig's Record

So I have many ongoing projects at the moment. Two music videos (a full blown animation for one of them), my own animation concerning George the Knight and general short films like the one above. My good friend Simon Longden is a cunning and very knowledgeable camera man slash editor and has climbed on board to help make a music video for my brothers band The Arcadian Kicks. I was literally about to upload the track we are going to make the music video for on to here, but I believe that would be frowned upon due to it not being released until May! So here is another track. Still worthy. 

So I have made the hands for George. They are too big. Therefore I have to start all over again. DAMN IT! But they are rather well made so I can use them for another puppet in the near future. Here is the process...

Making this set was a 'hands on' job... haha!                            Ohhh :(

I am working on another animation that was just a trial run with the dragonframe software. This was a simple 'drawing' technique which was more of a time lapse than an actual stop motion sequence. But I've always liked this method because the capture settings can be programmed into dragonframe and allows you to concentrate more on the actual drawing and not about stopping to take the frame shot. So what you see here is the camera taking a photo every 12 frames (near enough). Like I said, it was only a test animation and hopefully soon I can post a better and more complete animation.

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