Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Episode III ... The Wall, London and Star War in 3D

Three major topics to cover in this post and possibly a couple of minor ones. I will start with the bad news (which might not be necessarily bad BUT temporarily it sucks). It seems as though my Brothers band is having some problems with the single and the track is on hold until further notice. Essentially, this means that the music video is not going to happen for now. If you feel that you want to relinquish your anger upon someone or something I will enclose my Brothers email address just for you. 

Now on to the good news; I have finished painting my friend Ian's wall! I ought to elaborate or else this story will literally be as boring as watching paint dry. Ian and his girlfriend Leanne have been blessed with a child last October and I began painting the baby's room with butterflies, pink vegetation and a gender confused giraffe (named Jessie to bridge the gap between male and female). 

A terrible thing, taking photos after dark (lighting is awful).

Me and my friend Steven Cummings have spoken before about starting up a mural painting business and now it may actually happen. We have both set up a facebook page with the title Wall Paint which displays all of our current wall art projects and contact details should you decide your wall needs something more than a Family Guy poster. We have also sent our advertisement onto local facebook 'buy and sell' groups (mine being Warwickshire, Steve's being Grimsby) which has been a successful venture as we both have several clients who will pay us handsomely. Facebook is always getting slated but in this instance it has actually been pretty useful. But don't quote me on that.

Simplicity is always the key.

These are just a couple of ideas for business cards. Nothing too jazzy but it gives you an idea on the sort of thing we're going for. It also gives you the impression that we mean business. Because we do. 

The second major piece of awesomeness is my experience with the time lapse aspect of the Dragonframe software. I have mentioned before that this is just a trial run and ends in a week I believe, so I have been animating my butt off to make the most of it. Here is a video of George the Knight if you haven't already seen it on my Facebook page.

Only 6 or so seconds of actual animation. But it's one hell of a process. Perhaps this time next year I will emerge from my attic studio with a lengthy beard and show you all the 1 minute 6 seconds of animating I have been doing. There is always such promise with this niche market in employment.

So I was in London last week with my good friends Louise and Vicky. They fed me copious amounts of whiskey, made me perform a jig and forced the whole scenario to happen again the following day when we went to a gig in Camden. The venue was a small upstairs downstairs job with cubby-holes and a stage downstairs for the strange but fantastically dressed locals of the Camden environment to also perform their own jigs. 

The main reason why I was in London was for the Ray Harryhausen Myths and Legends exhibition at the Film Museum. It was awe inspiring, and the fact that the majority of the armatures and puppets on show were the original models Ray himself animated with quite simply gave me a reason to cross my legs. Which was challenging when I was jumping around the room pressing my face up to each glass cabinet and drooling. I now understand the expression that mother of three gave me upon asking her to photograph me standing next to the iconic Medusa used in Clash of the Titans (1981).

To view the entire album, press this blue word here... HERE

To regain some stability within this post I must remember that there were apparently three major topics I was going to converse with you about. I have no idea where I am so I will keep ploughing through whatever pops into my head (much like when Ghosbuster Ray Stantz had the notion of thinking up the most harmless thing he could possibly imagine, and we all know how that turned out).

I have been confronted with the issue about Star Wars in 3D. Now, when it comes to Star Wars I realise I am not a die hard fan (of whom could easily describe and label the interior mechanism of a lightsaber). But I can tell you that Princess Leia was held prisoner in cell block AA-23 and that Ewoks were created for more of a toy-friendly merchandise (and also because the original plan to have an armada of Wookies was flawed due to their honed intuition with technology - Lucas wanted a bunch of tree huggin' hippies to take down the mighty Empire with sticks). God damn Ewoks.

My point is, Lucas has only brought out the 3D versions to deepen his pockets with not just my money, but my cock as well. He knows I'll stick it up there... but not today George. I know how the prequels go. I know the tragic dialogue that is the worst love story ever written with political garbage thrown in to give the planet Coruscent a purpose. Jake Lloyd sucks. Hayden Christensen sucks. And I just can't see the appeal in having Jar Jar Binks babbling like a drunken Jamaican in 3 dimensions. This review might sum it up a little better. GO!

I do apologise for such an outburst. Those who know me will understand my passion for Star Wars. All I can say is that it's going to be 3 long years before Episode IV will be released. And I will most definitely choose 2D. But in three years time there could be a whole new cinema experience.

I mean, in 2015 we get hover-boards.

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