Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Me, myself and I MEAN BUSINESS

It has been a ridiculous amount of time since my last entry. Something which I am not proud of because I know for a fact that it proves my lack of motivation - in other words being bloody lazy. But this doesn't involve me sitting around at home and playing with myself as I have been rather productive within many aspects of my post University life.

My first priority was of course the CV. It took me a while to adjust to the fact that I may have to work in some real shitty jobs so as to earn my keep, but I have now perfected two types of curriculum vitae. One for the likes of Asda or a random pub and one for the animation world. When I say the animation world, I basically mean anything involving what I've been doing over the past few years; model making, film editing, Foley sound effect work, set construction or, of course, pure animating!

Cover layout for the DVD case. Re-named CVD

I initially didn't know how to present my CV. There is a previous blog post where I had described a comic strip being used for the cover of the 'paper' CV, which I might still use. Then there was issue of the show-reel and how to promote that; whether it would be emailing people the link or just posting a DVD with the animations on. But I want to make the best first impression possible and with the DVD case and design it hopefully gives a little bit more than just a disc on its own. I will also include my paper CV (with the comic strip cover) as an insert for the DVD and then finally include the disc with my show-reel.

These two designs are just a little addition to the DVD case. I wanted to make it look authentic so created my own 'certificate' and 'CVD' (curriculum vitae disc) logo. I have done a summary of myself as a promotion but in the style of a typical movie style synopsis.

So that was one productive aspect of my rather idle approach to promoting myself. I have also been working as a handyman for various people to earn a little cash in hand. This involves painting houses!

So being a little more relaxed about my financial difficulties (which also included a slightly shameful sign on to the Job Seekers Allowance) I could now concentrate on just being myself and carry on with my passion of painting and drawing. The animation aspect is only on hold for a little while but I shall continue with the making of the zebra puppet as soon as possible. But to keep myself inspired, I have been sketching...

Views from Jephson Gardens. Leamington Spa

Views from Jephson Gardens. Leamington Spa

This guy was actually done a few years ago but I uncovered him in an old sketchbook

So amongst all this chaos which is my life, I do feel a little more positive towards the next stage. Moving house sent everything up in the air for a month or two whilst I organised my room and re-routed post and sorted life issues out blah blah. BUT now I have a spanking new desk and that alone will give me the urge to sprawl out and pick up the model making again. I always knew that come September I would still be in the 'educational frame of mind' and think I would be returning to University - so I would use that initiative and convert my room in to my Studio Room from Room. Let's hope it works out...


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