Friday, 18 March 2011

Return of the Puppet

So it was time to animate Barney, the main character for the Money Tree Project, and it was by all means one hell of a task. I feel that the walk cycle was a bit of a failure (but I'm putting this down to fatigue as I started animating this at 4pm). So you could believe that or just assume that friday afternoon got the better of me!

The animation sequence I completed at the start of the day was of Barney's upper body movement - simply to get an idea of how easy his arms and hands could move.

There is also an update with the props. I have almost completed the sofa after much labouring with a needle and thread. Myself and Jon built the staircase and also helped Alex and May with the tedious (but incredibly rewarding) task of making the branches for the trees.

With the new armature made to replace the ball and socket armature,
I used a simple structure of twisted wire and steel plated feet.

The leaves were made by a 'leaf shaped' hole puncher and glued onto
strands of wire covered in brown paper

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