Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Epic fail and the redemption of Barney

Unfortunately the foam latex had to be ripped off Barney (the star of the Money Tree animation) as the armature itself was still loose in a few of its joints. I therefore have to tighten these and begin the process once again of mixing the latex and cooking the puppet. However, this time I do have a pair of hands to also foam up.

Wire armature hands with heat shrink tubing over the fingers
One of the pictures above shows Barney's clothes for the opening scene where he walks through the forest. These were done by Lynda Barnes, our second year assistant. I have also begun sculpting the head for the puppet which will be primarily out of super sculpey with inter-changeable mouths. The plan for this week is to get the puppet smothered in foam and get him pruned and ready for a walk cycle.

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