Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Revenge of the Stress

The dreams have been all over the place... our house collapsing into a black hole, having a praying mantis scratch my back and being unable to find any clothes for the worlds biggest party (and everyone's invited).

This week has been an incredibly busy one; the deadlines (as I mentioned in the last entry) have finally caught up with us. This was inevitable and trully did make me work hard. The rooster animation is going slow but fairly well. The pupper is complete and i am half way through the final piece. The puppet itself is very flimsy but still managed to stand up on its own.

The set is very basic but I have concentrated mostly on animating the birds movements - pecking, scratching in the dirt and naturally... playing the saxophone. Today, however, was not a good day for animating. I managed to only do about 5 seconds of which I was very unhappy with, therefore, I became insanely stressed out and needed a break. This came in the form of a dirty McDonalds.

Other productive issues of the week included the hand in of the DPR (design project report). This was basically a 4000 word report on a topic of our choice. I chose my title to be 'do films justify the novels they were based on?' This essentially was me looking into adaptations and finding out their pros and cons. If you fancy a look at the full essay then click the link below.

The Unfilmable Book

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