Thursday, 2 December 2010

Attack of the Deadlines

Well not much to report dreamwise... I do remember there being the skeleton of a velociraptor chasing me and a few others up a hill. I then seemed to realise how ridiculous this was and turned around to beat it with a stick. Maybe I've been working too much with this chicken-skeleton armature.

This is one of the plasticine puppet 'extras' for the realism to anthropomorphic project. The sequence involves a Rooster pecking around in the soil, scraping with his feet, who then stumbles across a saxophone. The Rooster then uses his new found human characteristics to pick up the instrument and play some mellow jazz into the night.

The picture above is just a head-and-neck armature made for a close up shot. The actual puppet itself is still to come. So for now I am animating the inbetween CU shots and leaving the walk cycle for next week. Not advised but in these final stages it's all a bit mental.


Design Project Report in for next Wednesday ... Aaarrrgh!!!

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