Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Episode Newzoids

It has recently sprung to the general public's attention that an upcoming show called Newzoids will soon be exploding onto our screens. This is the new satirical puppet show that I have been working on for the past six weeks; an ongoing production for a further six. In my previous post I mentioned a few brief titbits but, understandably, I couldn't reveal too much or else you may begin to read blog posts with a far more depressing and jobless content. But the cat is out of the bag folks! Over the past two weeks the studio has hosted several afternoons where journalists and writers from the likes of Radio Times and Daily Prophet have visited to take photographs and interview the team behind this new television programme. 

This can only mean that the marketing campaign is one hundred percent under way. And luckily for me and my outrageously lazy attitude this fine and sunny afternoon; I can copy and paste to my hearts content. I will, of course, comment a little further when the first episode is out (NEXT WEDNESDAY 15TH APRIL 9PM ITV *phew), but for now, enjoy the paparazzi pizza of articles and trailers alike. 

Katie Hopkins (eeuurgh), Ant, Dec, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry

It was my good friend Rob Millard who first brought my attention to the media and one of the several articles that has been written. It was from the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine. Then my own mother found out and took great pride in starting work the following day with 'you know that new puppet show on ITV...' 

George Osborne and David Cameron

Anyway, it seems to be snowballing in the right direction. There is another Daily Mail article online; that's a bit interesting. But this one here, the Standard has got some really cool on-set photographs of the characters, take a gander at those. Katie Hopkins gets prostitute makeover for ITV's new sketch show Newzoids was a favourite title of mine, thank you Metro

In fact I have literally typed in Newzoids in to Google search and copied the URL links. Pfft, talk about lazy writing. And these articles are very similar, so don't read them all. I'm simply getting outrageously overexcited about all of this. It's my first television show that I would have seen from start to finish and hopefully get a name credit at the end! Only one more week to go...

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