Friday, 30 May 2014

Episode IV

Good day to you all. I am very rushed to get this blog post out, as I am departing for South America very soon. I have been winding down with work and the studio. I've practically ended my rein at the College, which means, alas, no more animation club for the students. But more importantly, I am free of the catering side of things (although, just wait and see... I'll most likely end up working there again!). 

So I think the Yamination Studio and all of its members have pummelled out the new Cravendale advert as much as possible, however, there is more! With Drew filming as much of the production process as possible, it was all compiled together to create a very nice 'making of' video. So take a look see above.

Getting some lovely publicity here...

For the full article please click HERE

Two new characters I've painted, for some short and
rather sarcastic adventures. 

I may have mentioned the Coca Cola advert some time ago, but only now has it been released onto the web in its full glory. The buildings on the street were originally all made out of MDF with moulded (fast cast) arches, window frames, brickwork and roof décor, but it seems as though there might be some elements of CGI texture over the top. Not that it takes away the fact that our studio built the Building, but it is a shame that there's little proof of our carpentry. I showed this advert to a dear friend of mine and he would have assumed it all to be CG if I hadn't convinced him otherwise. 

So that's two lovely (and recognisably popular) adverts under the belt for Yamination Studios and I am very proud to be a part of the team. Now, as I still haven't properly packed my bag, I suppose I'd ought to pair up my socks and stuff them into my boots. Adiós amigos. 

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