Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Episode III

I have managed to do something rather foolish in the past fortnight. Upon one of my cycling adventures I unfortunately, perhaps due to a lapse in concentration, lost control and ended up crumpled on the tarmac before me. Now, I do get distracted on a monumental level, but I managed to instinctively focus enough to land on my left arm. Alas, it is now fractured and it took me a good twenty minutes to write this bloody paragraph!
So I don't really have an awful lot to report. I haven't been able to work and have been advised to keep my [left] arm in this sling for another two weeks at least... and to avoid using it at all for a further month. This is very frustrating.
Throughout my boredom I have managed to watch some movies that I'd not yet seen; including Tangled, Wayne's World 2, After Earth (meh), the Alan Partridge [Alpha Papa] film, Disney's Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins (I know, I'm a bad man for not seeing these!), World War Z, Office Space, Lawless and Mighty Ducks 3. Quite a selection hey?

And whilst I've been watching these films (as well as watching The Tribe series again - whoop!) I have been drawing and painting with my good arm. And this is still rather difficult as the natural balance you have whilst putting pencil to paper has been lost. So I've gone for my water colour and fine liner style, which takes inspiration from my favourite illustrator Quentin Blake. So really, it doesn't matter too much if it's a little abstract.
Anyway, I was walking down the canal after my hospital visit and spotted a duck and a swan swimming together. An odd friendship, yet it was very intriguing and naturally I began to sing a theme tune for these partners in crime (of which I chose not to include this on the blog). The adventures of Duck and Swan will be something I can work on whilst I rest at home. My carpentry and model making at the studios has been put on hold; much to my frustration!

Great spotted Woodpecker


For some bizarre reason, this
bird remains on it's side.
What a tit!

As you can see, I got a little carried away with the theme of British birds. When I was younger I used to copy them from bird books and write a little fact file next to them - like Top Trumps - but no one at school seemed too fussed about a wren (with +5 agility) versus a magpie (with +3 panache). Oh well. I shall stick to painting them instead. They might possibly end up on the front of a card and wishing somebody a 'Happy Bird-day' (ha!).
I still remain hopeful that one of you beautiful people might be interested in purchasing ol' Wolverine here?
I am incredibly excited about the flurry of news concerning the upcoming Star Wars episode VII, where the bulk of the cast has been announced. Follow this link HERE for the lowdown. What was most surprising about this was the timing of the announcement. It was speculated that the cast would be revealed on 'Star Wars Day' this coming Sunday (May 4th - I'm sure you can work it out!) so with this news a little early, one might hope that something a little juicier may be released instead. Some suggest it could be the title of the episode or even perhaps a brief synopsis of the new saga.
Either way I am a changed man. I believe that when I first began talking about the upcoming Star Wars films on my blog I was very sceptical. Well, a year has passed and I have quashed any negative thoughts I once had. Obviously there are still worries that may arise, but for now I am content.
Phwooar look at that awesome Star Destroyer and that awesome dark Jedi forcing it down. Awesome!
The only thing I am unhappy about (so far) will be the absence of the 20th Century Fox fanfare music that blares out before a long time ago... But my plan is to take my headphones and play it just before the film begins. Good lord I'm a cunning one hey?

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