Monday, 31 March 2014

Episode Cravendale

Good evening guys and girls. So this is the new Cravendale advert that the Yamination team helped make, of which I was honoured to be a part of. Our involvement was the construction of the house interior (Barry's room and the kitchen), the house exterior (with the water-wheel attached on the side), the bridge and the post box.
This was our first project as a team that has hit the television, and I think the learning curve has been tremendous. Even though Barry rushes through the house, zipping past our hard work, you can still pause and see the detail (regardless of it not being in focus). We are incredibly proud of this and hopefully is will be a springboard for Yamination Studios and future projects.
A few little facts about this advert;
  • that is real milk in the lake and flowing underneath the bridge.
  • Barry is actually a puppet on strings on the close ups
  • I used to have a hair cut just like Barry's new one at the end
  • my favourite biscuit is a chocolate hobnob
  • I'm a Scorpio
  • I like bobble hats, frosty mornings and road trips

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