Saturday, 30 November 2013

Episode VIII

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Soaring above the Andes flew the Electric Elkboy. He looked glorious. Ever would he gracefully swoop in and out of the rocky peaks and weave over and under the peaky rocks. The kite was holding together incredibly well in the windy conditions, but this did not surprise the Elkboy for he was the creator of The Electro-Kite. To any rambler or yodeller it was simply a flash of awesomeness before their eyes and nothing more. 

But the most cunning addition to this contraption was the conductor set upon the pinnacle of the Electro-Kite. When the Electric Elkboy would spy a thunder storm upon the horizon he would not be thwarted, but fly straight in to it. The conductor would then pick up any bolts of lightening that may strike the Electro-Kite, harnessing the thousands of volts and sending them down to the Elkboy and recharging his powers. Yet another little splash of genius that reflects our hero's inventive skill and rugged good looks.

Then the winds stopped completely. And unfortunately for the Elkboy and his mode of flight, this was rather bad news. Despite the kite's self-proclaimed title of the Electro-Kite, there was no actual supply of electricity that could power the kite when wind was unavailable. The Elkboy was furiously perplexed at this and it took him all of three minutes to come to the conclusion that wind was not a reliable source of kinetic energy. He took a mental note of this, by which point he also noted that he was falling from a height of three thousand feet...

So I've just been working on a Coca Cola advert that I probably shouldn't talk about. I know somebody involved with Star Wars Episode VII of which they really shouldn't talk about. I'm picking my nose but... you know I wouldn't hesitate in keeping that from you. So sit back and relax; this blog post is completely under control. 

The animation club have finished their first draft of the upcoming Untitled Princethorpe College Animated Movie. The story itself is magnificent, albeit a little insane, as far as a narrative is concerned and I was rather impressed. I did, however, have to ask permission from certain teachers due to their controversial interpretation by the students. For any teachers who may read this, I apologise in advance. The only teaser I can give you, however, is this... robot creates monster chases teachers attacked by mutated rabbits with a dinosaur and an epic car chase. You can tell my class lacks the feminine touch. 

A selection of characters created by the team

Me and Mike doing the final touches for the next
next street sequence with Bart. 

Meanwhile, back at Yamination Studios, there has been significant upgrading all over the (work) shop. So after all the pimping up, we can safely say that we can now tackle a lot more larger scale models and sets. No need to cut that rich mahogany with a junior hacksaw... we have a circular saw! And stop sanding with your stubble... how about this belt and/or disc sander.

With the studio fully equipped, the art department team can not only help Drew finish the At-Issue project but also look into the future at what other projects may be on the horizon. One such project I dare not expose too much (as is much of the content of this blog post) but I shall encourage you to take a look at the Facebook page right HERE. It's a very touching story about a young boy and his collection of beloved carrier pigeons. Taking place in London during the period of the second World War, this tale will unfold and reveal that heroes really do come in all shapes and sizes [Crombie, Sarah (2013) Yamination Studios].

So we've all witnessed the wonderment of the new John Lewis advert. And it truly is something special. But I wanted to include this on my post because not many people realise the type of animation it actually is. And I don't blame them. The 2D animation is so incredibly seamless that you would never consider cut-outs would be behind it all. So indulge yourselves in this fine 'making of' video and see the extensive process behind The Bear & the Hare.


I have also returned again to Factory Transmedia in Manchester for some more work in their studios on the television series Strange Hill High. As always I was blown away with the scale of things. By that I mean in miniature proportion, as they're all 45cm high (that is a complete guess by the way, I don't even have a ruler on me for reference). But as the very wise say, it's not the size it's how you use it! And I got the chance to puppeteer one or two of the characters with that piece of wisdom in mind.

Oh! You need to see this new beautifully edited trailer for the upcoming Laika stop motion feature film The Boxtrolls. It gives a bit more insight in to the making of the film as oppose to the narrative. Such an inventive and different angle for a teaser trailer that still captures the awesometacular character design and animation that you come to expect from the quality of these films. Also, the sets look absolutely bloody marvellous. At this moment in time I'm not even bothered about what the story is! It's all about the visuals my friends.
    I don't think it's out until the middle of next year, but I don't mind the wait. I have learned to be patient with upcoming films, especially with the madness that will ensue when 2015 is upon us. I implore you to find a list for the mass of films that will be released that year. I'll try and put things into perspective; next year me and Lucy are going to be travelling around South America for a couple of months. That's our '2014' epic adventure. 2015's epic adventure will be the cinema. Sweet Lincoln's beard I'm not even joking.

I now have a little weekend treat for you guys. But really it's a cunning ploy to gain more stats with my page views. Tell your friends not to look for online gaming sites, oh no, but rather come to this little niche in the t'Internet. Some blogs have paragraphs and images (I realise that this blog may also have such things) but if you know the basics about HTML then why not throw in a Pacman game to keep your followers incredibly happy. Are you happy? I bloody would be. Why are you still reading?? Go and play...!

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