Thursday, 5 July 2012

Episode X

As I write this new entry I have actually lost all energy in physical form, however, my strong will to do something productive has prevailed. I have left my job as a catering assistant at Princethorpe College and just returned from an intense seven day drinking excursion to the cultural and peaceful coastal village of Ayia Napa, therefore, this day signifies the new adventures of Tom's Thumb.

In between recovering by the pool and having yet another McDonalds meal (it truly was one of the most unhealthiest weeks of my life; I loved it!) I somehow mustered myself to reach the reception and make full use of the Internet. I logged onto my Hotmail account. I discovered an email from a Dan Richards. The name didn't originally ring any bells but as I opened it and read through, it all became clear...

I finally have an interview for an animation based job!!!

I had applied for the role of stop motion animator and workshop leader in the Animate and Create Studios based in Whitstable, Kent (their show-reel is above if you would like to take a gander). Although I enjoy my optimistic outlook on life I still have a rational side that will accept failures; this essentially means that even though I am tremendously excited about this opportunity, I am not going to be disappointed if I fail to get the job. I have been very patient throughout this year prior to graduation and will keep plodding on if this doesn't work out. 

On the positive side of things, I do think I am ideal for the job. This is the brief criteria from the site:

Successful applicants will have experience in stop motion animation, will be confident in working with young people and adults to provide a great animation experience for workshops. We’re looking for a creative and enthusiastic multiskiller who can undertake a range of roles at Animate & Create and will be a team player who enjoys working as part of a growing team.

So fingers crossed on that one! I am slightly nervous, even now, because I don't think I have ever been for an official 'job' interview that could fundamentally be the doorway to my career. Previous job titles have been the following:

Go Kart Marshall and Supervisor
Catering and Hospitality Assistant (aka Dinner-man)
Barman and Cook (in several different establishments)
Landscape Gardener
School Cleaner (not a janitor) 
Car Park Attendant
Data Input Drone for a Design and Technology Organistation
Archive Organiser (I'm pretty sure I am making these titles up)
And a semi professional Wall Painter (for more information, great new deals or a 'Mural Quote' check out our Facebook homepage
I am also a freelance Stop Motion Animator with no clients apart from George the Knight. He is a drunk. 

As you can see, the list is quite irresolute and far from the design I would have planned if I was not a haphazard and creative person. But from my understandings, it is far better to have one life goal and aim for it and put up with all the shit in the middle than accept the destiny society has slotted you into. This is not a conformist speech, but it just makes more sense (to me, at least) to have that one little hope and passion. And for the record, when I say all the 'shit' in the middle I don't think I could honestly mean that in a negative sense. Marshalling a go kart track, cooking food in a country pub, using outrageously large machinery to mop a floor with your friends and even making jellies in a school cafeteria IS THE SHIT.

Danny from the Bash Street Kids

Without getting too deep in philosophical tomfoolery I shall turn to my most recent sculpture of Danny from the Beano's 'Bash Street Kids' comic book. Having a week off has certainly scrambled my artistic mind, so hopefully I can get cracking on with this model shortly. I really ought to be preparing myself for the interview; blimey do I need a suit? It's for an animating studio, surely they don't wear suits?!

And finally, just to show that I am still being creative amongst the drunken slur of weekends and holidays, I have got a clip from the music video I am currently filming and editing alongside my brother. Now, I am not sure whether I can do this, but it is only a small clip and shouldn't ruin the sanctity of their new single. And besides, who the bloody hell reads my blog anyway?!

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