Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 Shazam!

I have just returned from what ought to be a New Years resolution, however, I have been jogging constantly for the past few months. I like to think that I can keep up more of a routine throughout 2012, but between you and me... this is highly unlikely. Perhaps this year I can simply work on my motivational skills and stop watching Lost or spend hours mulling over my determination to spend a full day sculpting (when truthfully I would dedicate a forced 45 minutes). So there we go; from typing out this paragraph I have given myself a resolution to (quote) STOP BEING LAZY (unquote).

This is what I can do if I am not distracted by the likes of Facebook or girls (I shan't divulge in the latter).

A Christmas card I painted for my Nan. I did a whole range of name plates in the same
style for the able on Christmas Day.
So on a lighter note, I do believe I have enough money to finally buy some animating software now. I have been torn between the Stop Motion Pro 7.5 software I am familiar with from working on it at University, or Dragonframe, which has been popping up with some fantastic reviews. So I shall ask around and see what feedback I can get. This means that I will be able to animate Zabrina the Zebra and generally get some more practice in (although Amazon really do have a problem with sending me the right colour plasticine - twice now they have posted 'stone' coloured Newplast instead of the white I need to finish off the puppet).

Willy Von Schmidt 

The New Year party was pretty sweet compared to most years. I was with a few mates in Nuneaton of all places (no offence, but come on!) at a sports and social club. Everyone dressed up: I was Willy Wonka, Lee was Freddie Mercury and Sam was a non convincing Fresh Prince of Bel Air. There was also an expected Smurf, David Brent from the Office, Jay from the Inbetweeners and a Jazzy Jeff.

100 awesome DC postcards
After some exceptional drinking games and dancing I tried out the Gene Wilder gambol, which ended with a painful 5 man pile-on. I was also held upside-down on my head and had beer poured into my mouth to clear up a spot of hiccups. All in all, the holiday period was better than most years. I got some really cool presents including a 'sculpt your own girlfriend' Kit, a musical tie, some sandal socks and a vintage DC comic postcards set. These were alongside the mountains of chocolate I will try not to eat as well as satsumas and nuts. Mum does it every year.

Here's an interesting find. Upon browsing the graphic novel section
in Waterstones, I discovered the true origin of Bucky O'Hare.
Is there anything Star Wars cannot offer?

One final addition to my 2012 attitude will be the introduction to Dungeons and Dragons. Now, without you all being sceptical let me persuade you to overlook the stereotypical geeky demeanour surrounding this game and check out the awesomeness that is D&D. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to begin with but, after two sessions and the completion of my first quest, my character Lobo Vaรงade (a half elven Ranger) is now at level two and has a base attack of +5 with his composite Longbow. I have modelled Lobo from parts of a Wood Elf set and also sculpted his trademark afro. He has slain 1 crow, 1 panther and a Dwarf named Svingold.

Lobo has an irrational fear of crows 

I know a few people who play this game and now that Lobo has completed his first quest he can join up with other teams or do a solo quest to level up and improve his fighting and survival skills. I was introduced to this game via my good friend Peter Kitson and his dear brother. Coincidentally they are the stars of my random video of the month which is somewhere at the bottom of this blog post. They are also fighting in a recent Photoshop picture I edited together. They do get around!

Just something to pass the time. Pete is sporting a blue lightsaber whilst his brother Doug thrusts forward with a Lirpa

And the random video of the month is...

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