Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ho Ho! Stop-motion Pro! and a spanking new camera

Yes, Christmas does come early for some and for me it wasn't soon enough. I have been struggling with inspiration and/or motivation (as some might know) for the past month and have therefore put a few things on hold. The lack of finances got the better of me and I pursued the only option I had at the time (again, some might know this) which was the role of a caterer in Princethorpe College; i.e. a dinner man. Yes, you heard correctly.

However, the reason I mentioned an early Christmas was because of the new Canon 600D camera I have recently bought due to PAY DAY and also a birthday/Christmas money combo from my Father. So it was basically down to him that I can now really crack on with animating with this amazing HD quality camera. I should be able to afford animating software (namely Stop Motion Pro 7.5) and in the new year I will soon get some home made animations out there. Watch this space!

Here is my newborn. She came with a macro lens and a handy strap-on. Filthy slut that Canon chick.
So I have been out and about in the outrageous weather this country seems to be hosting due to the melting of polar ice caps and the rise in fresh water levels, disrupting the flow of sea salt and giving Leamington a case of bad wind. On the brighter side of these days though I have managed to click away...

Abbey Fields

A curious crow. Using my curious macro lens

I shall hopefully have better days to shoot: darkening skies at 15:30 really doesn't bode well for the budding camera man. So alongside this technological revelation of mine I have also stumbled upon some more random additions to my medieval animation, in the forms of two plastic (Barbie?) horses. I shall take off their heads and use my own!

The spray paint effect on the Barbie castle

My final festive thought comes in the form of my input towards the big day. These are two huge responsibilities of which only a true master could carry out. The first task is the creation of a Christmas soup; the second is painting 17 personalised name labels for the table. So far I have done 5 and they don't look half bad... so have a gander below. Oh and for the record, I am not obsessed with pillaging Barbie related merchandise. They just happen to be available at the opportune moment. That is all. 

Merry Christmas to you all and I shall leave you with a random video. Ho Ho!


  1. Stunning shots!!! I just got the 600D too, my first SLR camera and Dragonframe- been an expensive few months but all will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing some of your animations in the new year and more work with the camera! :)

  2. this is my first digital one, and I have been totally walking on eggs shells with it haha. So have you worked with Dragonframe much before? I've been only on stop motion Pro and a little bit of Framethief. I have heard good things about Dragonframe.

    And yes! I'll get snapping away and get them online :)

  3. aww, im like that with my camera too- I have a lot to learn! No it's all new to me with Dragonframe (kinda jumped in at the deep end!). I've used Framethief before but yeah the Dragonframe has fantastic reviews and I'm liking it so far. Looking forward to experimenting more with it.
    Yay, looking forward to seeing more pics then!