Monday, 3 October 2011


I have entitled this entry 'freelancing' as it seems to sum up the situation I seem to be in at the moment. As well as adding to my show reel and generally polishing up the CV, I have taken on random projects to keep me busy; some of which I have mentioned on here before. My most recent one is for a friend, Taylor, who needed some illustrations for her book. I don't think I will be getting paid for this but I still like the idea that my work will still be somewhere out there....besides, I can't be picky! Maybe she'll buy me some new paintbrushes.

I haven't managed to scan in the drawings but only photographed them, so the quality it a little lax. The basic storyline (as far as I understand) revolves around a school girl named Angela and her rebellious friends as they go about their daily life in an American college.



The bottom left image shows the chosen design for Angela. My client Taylor (as well as my mother actually) really liked this girl and therefore I went ahead with a few more illustrations of her.

The Zebra shall hopefully be finished soon. I am going to build up the arms and neck today in classic Harryhausen style; cotton wool and liquid latex. I just need to make sure it's nice and smooth to match with the rest of the sculpey body. Then I can paint on the stripes and hey ho! all ready to go and animate.

Another project that is still in production (when we have time) is the spoof documentary series my University friends and I have been filming. I have edited Episode 5 of Stoke Force and below is the result of our 'mockumentary' performances. Enjoy.

To see episodes 1-4 follow this link Stoke Force and perhaps the storyline would make a little more sense!

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